Flood Restoration

Water is an essential part of life, a recreational resource, and when it gets out of control it can go from a simple nuisance to a downright disaster! Uncontrolled water release follows the path of least resistance, spreading across surfaces as it travels. So naturally, water damage starts to take place. Here is some of what can happen:

The Continuing Effect of Water Damage

  • Water contamination spreads to other areas, thereby rapidly increasing the scope and cost of your loss.
  • Furniture, especially antique, may stain carpet permanently.
  • Moisture-sensitive furniture finishes discolor.
  • Paper goods are ruined due to absorption, swelling, warping.

Within Hours

  • Furniture delaminates or swells, legs begin to split.
  • Pressed wood swells and disintegrates.
  • Bacterial odor (sour) becomes apparent.
  • Uncoated metal surfaces may tarnish.
  • Normal household odor becomes more apparent.

Within Days

  • Fungi appear, along with the characteristic of “musty” odor.
  • Internam components in pianos and organs swell in the presence of condensed moisture or elevated humidity (>60%RH).
  • Drywall (Sheetrock, gypcrete) swells and disintegrates.
  • Uncoated metal surfaces begin to rust.
  • Door and window casings swell and distort or delaminate.
  • Wood decking, joists, studs begin to swell, warp and split.
  • Electronics may malfunction.
  • Occupants with respiratory problems or compromised immune systems experience distress.

Within Weeks

  • Fungi associated with prolonged dampness damages natural fibers, paper coverings on drywall, paneling, wood, etc.
  • Wood components warp and split, while chemicals within wood dissolve, discolor or destroy finishes.
  • Claim costs escalate dramatically; demolishing and replacing contaminated materials may be necessary.
  • Serious occupant health hazards abound; liability increases.

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